Adrien Lastic Symphony Massager


  • £46.49

• Silicone / UVG
• 1 Ultra-Quiet Motor
• 10 Vibration Modes
• Length 21cm
• Width 3.7cm
• Rechargable
• Splashproof
• Phthalates Free

1. Charge: Insert the charger into the charging socket. Plug into the wall or your computer port through the USB end. A red light will turn on wholesale the product is charging. When it is fully charged the light will turn off.
Full charge time 90mins
Approx use time 40mins

2. Activation and exploration of modes: Press for two seconds the embossed letter A on the product to move through the modes and change the vibration intensity.

3. Deactivation: Press the embossed A on the product for a few seconds.

4. Maintenance: Wash careful;ly with neutral soap and water before and after every use. Do not use silicone based lubricant. *It is advisable note to make excessive use under water. Avoid sinking or getting the connections wet

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