Berman Center Astrea 1 Remote Control Vibrating Brief


  • £75.99

These dainty black lace panties are something a bit special and one of our favourite products ? hidden in a camouflaged pocket in the gusset is a small, compact vibrator to give you unobtrusive thrills wherever you may happen to be.

This innovative design comes with a wireless remote control, allowing you, or your partner, to privately manipulate the vibrations from a discreet distance. Imagine the possibilities!

The Astrea I is the product of many years of research from Laura Berman and her associate clinicians at the Berman Centre which, after exhaustive trials with thousands of women throughout the world, has resulted in the Intimate Accessories Collection, a range of pleasure products designed entirely by women to provide exactly the sensations you want and need from a product. You won?t be disappointed!

The Astrea I is supplied with its? own designer bag for discreet storage and runs off two small AAA batteries (N1137)(not included - a separate A23 battery is required for the remote).

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