Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer


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Pelvix is a completely natural treatment based on exercising the pelvic floor muscles with gradually heavier weights

When do you need PELVIX?

The pelvic floor can deteriorate due to the following:
Pregnancy, birth and post-partum. These are the main risk factors that predispose a woman to suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction. During pregnancy it is caused by the weight of the uterus overloading the tissues.

During birth it is caused by the baby passing through the vagina, which is aggravated if the baby is heavy or has a large head circumference and further aggravated if an episiotomy has to be carried out. Caesarean births may also weaken the pelvic floor.
During the post-partum period, if the weakened muscles are not exercised properly, you do abdominal exercises too soon or you do gym exercises that are too aggressive, the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles may be accentuated.

The menopause. Over time, with the hormonal changes brought about by the menopause, the pelvic floor may become less flexible, causing the tissues to weaken.

High-impact sport. Sports such as spinning, aerobics and jogging, which increase intra-abdominal pressure, may cause loss of muscle tone in the pelvic floor even in very young women.

Genetic inheritance. Two out of ten women have an innate weakness in the pelvic floor muscles.

Everyday habits. Retaining urine for a long time, wearing very tight clothes.

Other causes. Obesity, constipation, chronic cough, stress.

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